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Retrofit vs Solution

Should I apply the "Classic IMS Retrofit" or the IMS Solution to my engine?


One thing is for sure, if you own a single row IMS bearing equipped engine the only bad decision that you can make is not retrofitting the IMS bearing!

Choosing the Classic IMS Retrofit offered by LN Engineering or the IMS Solution isn’t a difficult decision. The choice basically comes down to the following factors:

A. Cost
B. How much you love the car and how long you wish to keep it

Its pretty simple to make the best decision in regard to choosing which form of IMS retrofit that you choose if you use the above factors as a guideline. With the Classic (single row) IMS Retrofit being rated at 50,000 miles of service and requiring proactive replacement at that mileage point, people who want to keep their cars forever have been looking for an absolute solution to the IMS Bearing failure issues. If you want to keep the car forever then the IMS Solution provides a lifetime of service, because the wear components are removed.

The IMS Solution also makes the most sense with reconstructed engines, like those developed and offered by Flat 6 Innovations. These are engines with all twenty-four documented modes of engine failure addressed in their composition. It only makes sense that Jake Raby and his team equip all their future engines with the IMS Solution as standard equipment. Why reconstruct an engine and utilize yesterday’s technology that is proven to be marginal at best? Prior to the IMS Solution being available all Flat 6 Innovations engines utilized the triple row IMS update bearing and to date none have failed or shown any signs of wear, but its still a ball bearing and therefore will never be as robust as the IMS Solution.

If you do not love your car, or don’t plan on keeping it forever, then choose the Classic IMS Retrofit Bearing from LN Engineering and enjoy the car for 50,000 miles.