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Rear Main # 8 Bearing Seal and Housing

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(996, 997, BOXSTER, CAYMAN)

Our team of technicians has developed an exclusive pattern pending solution that corrects the notorious rear main seal oil leaks on the m96 and m97 engines. This solution adds an addition #8 bearing and housing to the end of the crankshaft providing additional support, reducing engine vibration and extending engine life. This product has been designed to solve the twisting of the last journal of the crankshaft. This part is backed by a full 2-year warranty. 

We recommend using this part in conjunction with the IMS bearing. 

The Rear Main Seal comes with an installer tool, but for more precise and professional installation, check out the Rear Main Seal Pro Installer Tool

Part No: 996986REAREPS
Price: $449.00

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Features and Advantages:

  • prevents crank warping
  • decreases engine vibrations
  • prevents piston rod #6 failure
  • extends engine life
  • stop the notorious engine oil leak from the rear main seal.


rear main seal application.png