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Instructions - IMS Pressurized Oil


This is a step by step procedure for pressure feeding the IMS bearing with engine oil. This is achieved by punching a small in the cover at the front of the IMS. The front cover is a very thin metal plug, only .25MM thick. Using a sharpened center punch and a hammer the hole can be opened with relative ease. The Oil Pump's factory 8MM Allen drive is then replaced with a slotted 8MM drive. The slot on the new 8MM drive will provide a governed oil passage from the oil Pump pressure side into and through the IMS. This pressurized oil will flow through the IMS and in to the the IMS bearing. This will maintain a constant, fresh oil flow to the IMS bearing.


Step 1: Remove the Catalytic Converters









Step 2: Remove the Engine Brace








Step 3: Remove the Oil Pump Cover






Step 4: Remove the Oil Pump Gears






Step 5: Remove the Oil Pump Drive (8MM Allen)







Step 6: Sharpen a center punch to a fine point.






Step 7: Insert center punch through IMS front orifice







Step 8: Center the punch and lightly hammer (tap) a small hole in the IMS cover. (1-3MM)





Step 9: Insert new 8MM Drive Key with oil passage slot.

The allen drive oil feed slot is precisely calculated so that the engine oil pressure is maintained. The slot on the allen drive must not be altered!