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Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement Retrofit. Failure Proof Solution by EPS. 996, 997, Boxster, Cayman

Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement. Our upgrade retrofit IMS bearing is a patent pending cylindrical roller bearing with trust control that can be installed without disassembling the engine, holds 5 times the load capacity of ball bearing, and feeds pressurized oil through the shaft, is the only real failure proof solution and permanent IMS Failure Retrofit Solution, for Porsche 996, 997, and Boxster models.



996, 997, BOXSTER (S), CAYMAN (S)

Prevent future catastrophic engine failure permanently with the only true Eternal Fix for the notorious Porsche intermediate shaft bearing. Unlike the other failure-prone ball bearing products that the original IMS and other upgrades on the market use, EPS uses a patented cylindrical bearing with thrust control that can be pressed directly into the back of the engine without disassembly. The cylindrical bearings have over 12 times the load capacity of other ball bearing solutions making the EPS IMS bearing the clear choice.  Backed by a full 5-year warranty and includes an oil feed modification kit. Order yours today!  


Roller bearings are not intended for carrying large axial loads. Similar to failure-prone ball bearings, when cylindrical roller bearings are used for thrust control, the roller becomes compromised due to the limited surface contact area on the sides of the rollers. The results of using a cylindrical bearing for thrust control will be similar to all other ball bearing solutions.

In our patented system, we use a 15mm cylindrical bearing with thrust control that allows for the separation of the axial load from the radial load. Our roller bearings do NOT carry the axis load (thrust control) on the side, which leaves the roller free to carry only the radial load (main load). The axial load is carried exclusively on the entire permitter of the outer race. This results in a bearing that is not overloaded and will last the lifetime of the engine. 

EPS recommends using this product in conjunction to the Rear Main #8 Bearing Seal and Housing


1997-2004 (M96 ENGINE)

Part No: 99610590102EPS
Price: $579.00

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  • prevent future catastrophic engine failure
  • permanently repair your expensive intermediate shaft
  • uses cylindrical thrust control bearing that holds 12 times the load capacity of ball bearings
  • repair without dissembling the engine
  • includes a modification for forced engine oil feed
  • contact engine oil pressure at bearing
  • patented system - U.S. Patent 9004766B1
  • 5 Year Warranty

Application (1997-2004):

m96 application.png

2005-2008 (M97 - CLOSED ENGINE)

Part No: 987997IMS62MM                                                     Price: $739.00

* Requires IMS Bearing Toolkit

2005-2008 (M97 - OPEN ENGINE)

Part No: 987997IMS58MM
Price: $739.00

Model Year:
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Application (2005-2008):

m97 application.png


EPS recommends professional installation for the Eternal IMS Fix. Please take all precautionary safety measures. We also recommend putting the engine in TDC and locking the crankshaft and camshafts in place to assure there is no chance of jumping timing while working on the intermediate shaft and its bearing.

*Please read through the complete instructions to familiarize yourself with the process, before you attempt to do it for the first time.

Click to View IMS Bearing Installation Instructions




The Patented IMS Eternal Fix Retro Fit installs in-car without removal or disassembly of the engine required. We also offer fully Rebuilt Intermediate Shafts Upgraded with the Eternal Fix for those performing an engine rebuild. The Cylindrical Bearing with Thrust Control design has a load capacity 5 times greater than the inferior, failure prone, Ball Bearing solutions on the market!  







Cylindrical Bearings have very high load bearing capacity, 5 times more than Ball Bearing. Cylindrical Bearings are used in high temperature and low viscosity lubrication such as Automatic Transmissions. They can carry extreme lateral pressure without wear to the friction surfaces. This is because the bearing friction surface is flat not concave.  








Ball bearings are NOT the solution! If you are reading this then you are aware of the ever so common IMS Bearing Failures. The design flaw with the factory IMS was the use of Ball Bearings in an extremely high load application. Once the Ball Bearings fail, it leads to a catastrophic and expensive engine rebuilt. 







- Lubrication Cavity Feed : Located on the Retro Fit Base (D), this cavity is the lubrication entry point which provides the Cylindrical Bearings, Bearing Races and Friction Plate with a continuous supply of engine oil. While the engine is running, this area is saturated with engine oil as it is located in the bottom of the engine case, where much of the engine oil pools. Please also see the video at the bottom of the page.  Also included is the new IMS Pressurized Oil Feed Modification Kit (See Bottom).

B - Bearing Race: The Bearing Race is the raised hardened steel surface edge of the Bearing Chassis (located on either side of the Bearing). This surface provide a friction point with the Retro Fit Base (D) and the Friction Washer (C). This provides the patented axial thrust control required when using Cylindrical Bearings.  

- Friction Plate: The Friction Plate is a hardened steel washer that provides the inner friction point with the Bearing Race (B)

- Retro Fit Base Friction Surface: This provides the outer friction point with the Bearing Race (B)

E - Retro Fit Base Friction Surface: The Cylindrical Bearings provide the radial load support for the IMS. Cylindrical Bearings have a load capacity of more than 5 times that of their Ball Bearing counterparts. Cylindrical Bearings are commonly used in very High Load, High Temperature, Low Viscosity Lubrication applications such as Automatic Transmissions.


FIGURE 2 - Patented Axial Thrust Control

FIGURE 3 - Bearing & Race Lubrication Feed

FIGURE 4 - Hardened Steel CNC Construction

FIGURE 5 - Retro Fit In-Car Installation



What type of bearings does EPS use?

We first used NJ204 bearing for about the first thousand units we manufactured. Now we use a German made cylindrical bearing that has been customized for us at a nonstandard measurement of 15mm. The reason why we switched to this bearing was in an effort to use all the real estate available to spread the load over the largest possible area. Additionally, due to our patented thrust control, the roller is a free wheeling roller, meaning there is no contact on the sides of the roller. Unlike ANY other cylindrical bearing solution, our axis load (thrust control) is not applied to the rollers, instead, it is applied to the entire perimeter of the outer race. The main advantage of this technology is that the rollers are not loaded from the side. 

How many failures have been reported since you starting selling the IMS Upgrade Kit?

Since we started to sell our EPS Cylindrical IMS Bearing in 2013, we have sold 5,000 units in total, and we have NOT had a report of a single failure.

Does the IMS Bearing Kit Come with the Pressurized Oil Feed Kit?

Yes, it does.

 Is the Pressurized Oil Feed Kit necessary?

No. The bearing is completely submerged in oil thus not requiring the Pressurized Oil Feed Kit. However, due to some misleading information of the internet, some installers feel that it's important to implement this modification. 

What's the estimated labor time to install?

12 hours for manual transmission and 14 hours for Tiptronic transmissions.


Perfect! Just what i ordered! Running perfectly in car! Easy to install (with correct tool), my mind is at ease
— Ikerman
This is a very elegant solution to solve a problem that really should not exist in the first place... Shame on you, Porsche... That said, I still love the cars and I had 6k miles on this bearing kit in my prior 996 when I sold it. Now I and am shopping for another to have installed in the 996 I bought to replace the one I sold.
— John
So far, I’ve put 2000 miles on the kit, with an oil change after 1000 miles to check for particles. Not a single visible particle was found so I say, all is good in that department. Now I can enjoy my Porsche like it was designed to without fear of grenading the engine :)
— PorscheFred